Thursday, July 8, 2010

WEEDS #*%#*&%!!!!

What the...!!!! I turned my back for maybe five minutes!! And look what had the nerve to encroach on my crushed granite!!!

WEEDS! It is a good thing I get an obsessive complusive enjoyment out of pulling these babies, cause otherwise I might just have a coronary.

But I want you to rest assured that NOT ONE weed is still residing ANYWHERE in the crushed granite of my yard. I obliterated them all. Now, I imagine that when I return, I may have to wage war again, but for now I AM WINNING. Oh yes I am.

Well, hey, we are thrilled about the rain because it makes the plants grow, so we just have to take the cursed weeds with the glory of the rest and be willing to get down there and pluck at them. And with each root that comes satisfyingly out of the ground we can smile the smile of the temporary victorious.


  1. What was that you were saying about gardening vinegar? I have weeds around my step stones in the front yard and no amount of pulling seems to do any good.

  2. yes, I may resort to that when I get home, although it does sort of feel like cheating to me... I like the pain/pleasure ritual of pulling weeds too.