Sunday, October 14, 2012

Garden Growth

A brief update:  despite the fact that I can't think straight most of the time, and there are definitely not enough hours in the day in which to prepare for class, and drive kids around, I have managed to extend the extremely slow growing flower bed out front as far as the corner- a minor triumph, for which my back is paying the price.  Oh well.
 And I am very very pleased to report that the Datura that I planted out there is COVERED in buds,
 one of which will open very soon I think. Yippee.
 In the back everything is brilliantly green and everything is blooming like crazy.
 I still love the bulbine (and still think it is a weird name)
 The sky flower is full of dangling purple-blue jewels.
And after the rain everything just sparkles.
The ruellia is amazing by the house.  Looking our the back living room window, the garden is seen through a purple curtain of flowers.
Sun + flowers = Cathy's happiness
Even the Cross vine is covered in blooms, and really, doesn't look cross at all.
I almost forgot about my new zebra grass, which is zebra-y because of the stripes it has on the blades of grass, but I like it for the beautiful feather fronds that wave up above the grass:

Now I must get back to the drudgery of classroom prep work which is really what I SHOULD be doing right now.