Sunday, October 14, 2012

Garden Growth

A brief update:  despite the fact that I can't think straight most of the time, and there are definitely not enough hours in the day in which to prepare for class, and drive kids around, I have managed to extend the extremely slow growing flower bed out front as far as the corner- a minor triumph, for which my back is paying the price.  Oh well.
 And I am very very pleased to report that the Datura that I planted out there is COVERED in buds,
 one of which will open very soon I think. Yippee.
 In the back everything is brilliantly green and everything is blooming like crazy.
 I still love the bulbine (and still think it is a weird name)
 The sky flower is full of dangling purple-blue jewels.
And after the rain everything just sparkles.
The ruellia is amazing by the house.  Looking our the back living room window, the garden is seen through a purple curtain of flowers.
Sun + flowers = Cathy's happiness
Even the Cross vine is covered in blooms, and really, doesn't look cross at all.
I almost forgot about my new zebra grass, which is zebra-y because of the stripes it has on the blades of grass, but I like it for the beautiful feather fronds that wave up above the grass:

Now I must get back to the drudgery of classroom prep work which is really what I SHOULD be doing right now.


  1. So you withhold from us for weeks and weeks (resulting in, I might add, your being zapped from my blog feed) ... and then you drop this tasty morsel in our laps, reminding us of how much we've been missing. I'll work from the bottom up: zebra grass -- that's a new one on me, and it's gorgeous; ruellia -- interesting with the dark splotches on the petals -- either mine don't have them or (more likely) I've just never noticed; sky flower -- why why why is yours blooming and mine isn't??? Maybe I should just dig mine up and let it go live with you. Seriously, this rainy fall has definitely given us a second spring -- and I'm glad it's prompted you to turn your attentions from your young charges and back to the garden for a bit.

  2. Bulbine is one of our favorite plants to use in our designs!

    Awesome pictures! really enjoyed reading your post.

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