Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Teeny, Tiny Vegetables

Once upon a time there was a teeny, tiny woman, and she lived in a teeny, tiny house, and she grew teeny, tiny vegetables.... O.K., wait a minute. She was actually a perfectly normal size, and she lived in a good-sized house. But then she must have had a teeny, tiny garden, right? Right??! No damn it! Her garden was, in fact, on the large size. So, why the hell is she only capable of growing miniature vegetables that wouldn't satisfy the hunger of her daughter's dolls?! Here you can see examples of the wee little cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and utterly miniscule brussel sprouts. Sheesh.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wet but still Wonderful

Today would count as a miserable day if you had to go out against your will. If your shoulders were hunched against the chill and the rain, and you begrudged the world and the activity that forced you out of your cocoon, then yes, today would count as a miserable day.
But this is what I saw outside, and so for me anyway, the day wasn't so bad really.

Friday, January 14, 2011

It's winter out there.

I peer outside on these cold gray days, from the pseudo warmth that a house with single-paned windows tries to provide. I see that the plant blankets or "PLANKETS" as some company likes to call them, have blown off the plants. Clearly I wasn't paying attention when the instructions to weight down the planket with soup cans was given... So, I ponder this situation, asking myself if I want to go out there and cover things back up. And here is where my northern heritage kicks in: I have seen all plants completely covered by ice and snow ALL winter, and then in the spring, voila, they put out their little leaves and grow back. Why can't these wimpy southern plants, just tough it out. And besides, it's kinda cold to be traisping around out there putting blankets on things. I think I'll light a fire and dream of warmer, greener days. Come on plants. I know you can handle it. Certainly better than I can.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Seasonal garden planning and preparation

Just by the by... I gave my front yard its final fall raking and mowing. Yes, I DO know it's January, but we live in Texas, remember. Besides, now I am ready for winter, which I understand arrives tomorrow. And next week when it is FINALLY spring, I will start planning what to put in the now cleared out and emptied beds....

Hirsute Seed Pods

Well, would you look at these hairy little guys! I don't know what they are, but they are cute as all get out. I found them all over a vine that covered the fence of yard near by... I thought that maybe here was a neighbor who appreciated the beauty of vine-covered fences and so I peeked over the fence to see if they showed other signs of kindred spiritedness... but instead I saw a swiming pool filled with green, algae clogged water. Yuck. I suppose that means that the vine-covered fence is just another indication of their complete disinterest in the outside of their property. Maybe that would also mean they wouldn't mind someone helping themselves to some of their vine.... hmmm. (Luckily they aren't that close a neighbor as to pose a mosquito concern.)

Christmas Cactus in flight

Safe inside, the Christmas Cactus clearly wants to soar off on crimson wings towards the warm sunlight. I tell it to stay here with us. The heat and light are deceptive. It IS Texas, but the cold is coming... it's just around the corner.... then you'll be glad of the confining walls, I say.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

And the dance goes on....


I went out this morning to cut back the old, nasty, dead Copper Canyon Daisy bush as part of my winter pruning, and discovered a beautiful lover's embrace, and delicate paper stars, and clusters of golden pods waving in the cold winter air, and I couldn't cut them. Not quite yet.

Lily's Eden

Lily has found her own Eden within mine. I am sharing quite willingly with her, because after questioning her closely, she assures me that she has no intention of bringing in big, ugly, red metal things, and she quite likes vines that grow on fences....
I told her she's in, but she has to leave Archimedes alone, which she is fine with as long as he doesn't try and mess with her. Well, fair enough I guess.

Chinese Tallow

Thanks for the identification. And, of course, I had to pick another invasive, toxic, bad bad bad plant to want to have in my yard. damn. (but i still want one...)