Friday, January 14, 2011

It's winter out there.

I peer outside on these cold gray days, from the pseudo warmth that a house with single-paned windows tries to provide. I see that the plant blankets or "PLANKETS" as some company likes to call them, have blown off the plants. Clearly I wasn't paying attention when the instructions to weight down the planket with soup cans was given... So, I ponder this situation, asking myself if I want to go out there and cover things back up. And here is where my northern heritage kicks in: I have seen all plants completely covered by ice and snow ALL winter, and then in the spring, voila, they put out their little leaves and grow back. Why can't these wimpy southern plants, just tough it out. And besides, it's kinda cold to be traisping around out there putting blankets on things. I think I'll light a fire and dream of warmer, greener days. Come on plants. I know you can handle it. Certainly better than I can.

1 comment:

  1. Having just come in from pulling soggy, filthy, heavy "plankets" off my plants, I'm about to go Darwinian myself!