Thursday, December 30, 2010

Invasion of the Rebounder

Well. There you have it. This is what happens when you try and share your Eden. Be warned. Children are evil and should have been chucked out of the garden along with the first offending couple.
Time and again it is proven to me that everyone's idea of the perfect Eden is very different. I guess the only protection is to interview all potential sharers of the space very carefully to see if their Edenish views correspond with one's own.
Question 1: Are you likely to want to introduce some God-awful big clunky red metal thing into my Eden? Answer: Yes. Out you go then.
Question 2: Are you going to cut beautiful vines off the ugly fence? Answer: yes. Well stay on your side then, ya Cretin.
You get the picture.


Okay, here we are, back in the world of mild weather, no snow, but a very wintry and uninspiring looking garden. Plus the garden has been invaded by the ball kicking child, and is fast getting it's yearly winter-trampled look.

However, as I drive around I keep seeing these pretty trees, with very festive white berries, and in the fall they had such bright, red-orange leaves that looked ever so nice WITH the berries, and now the berries just look like a slight dusting of snow in our snowless world. SO... I want one.

SO, my blogalicious friends... please identify!
Thank you.

Monday, December 20, 2010

(Not Texas, Part 1) Winter at the Bird Feeder and a Christmas Bird

The feeder seemed abandoned. I think the bird decided to disguise itself as an ornament and escape inside to the warm.

(Not Texas Part 2) Snowy Night on a Toronto Street

Another cheeky poltergeist (clearly related to that other summer poltergeist), who should have been in bed because it is a school night.... is instead out frolicing in the newly falling snow.

(Not Texas Part 3) Wishful Thinking...

I wish I could grow orchids in my living room, like the ones my mother has in her house. Their grace is hard to describe. You can only look and absorb.

That's not Texas! (part 4)

The beauty of a Canadian winter. Cold, Cold, COLD! And see, the seed pods are still handsome in the north, and ever so debonair in their crystalline top hats.

That's not Texas! (part 5)

Far from our sunny climes down here in Texas is my old bedroom window, recently revisited and enjoyed in all its icy splendour.

Monday, December 6, 2010

T'is the Season

As the Christmas season becomes a frenzied whirlwind of activites, garden blogging drifts into the back seat of daily importance. The garden looks wintry cold-bitten and somewhat abandoned, which it is. I tried to make the baby cactus feel more festive, but I think it would prefer a different kind of attention.
The garden may have been ignored lately, but we have a MIGHTY FINE chimney now (after hours and HOURS of unbelievably tedious priming and painting, AND the forking over of untold amounts of cash to siding repair guys), which I am sure Santa will appreciate. One does have to prioritize after all.
Well, I will be back (after a quick trip to the (snowy, I'm told) Canadian North), and then get ready for the fantasy portion of the blog!! You might wonder what that will entail, well..... if nothing is happening in the yard.... I may just have to pretend.