Monday, December 6, 2010

T'is the Season

As the Christmas season becomes a frenzied whirlwind of activites, garden blogging drifts into the back seat of daily importance. The garden looks wintry cold-bitten and somewhat abandoned, which it is. I tried to make the baby cactus feel more festive, but I think it would prefer a different kind of attention.
The garden may have been ignored lately, but we have a MIGHTY FINE chimney now (after hours and HOURS of unbelievably tedious priming and painting, AND the forking over of untold amounts of cash to siding repair guys), which I am sure Santa will appreciate. One does have to prioritize after all.
Well, I will be back (after a quick trip to the (snowy, I'm told) Canadian North), and then get ready for the fantasy portion of the blog!! You might wonder what that will entail, well..... if nothing is happening in the yard.... I may just have to pretend.

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