Saturday, July 30, 2011

And To Think that I saw it on Delaware Street.

I went for a walk up Delaware Street, a zone that seeks calm, but that's not what I meet....
I looked at each home, and at each little yard and saw more that was wild than was calm to my eyes...
A riot of thistles filled this home's front yard,
and a shadowy arch was enticingly private
I think Seuss himself imagined these balls, so round and so blue, so spiky and tall.
The ginko was fine, all ruffled and green,
the Japanese maple glowed red in the sky,
Then the riot of colour spread to some houses, a cheerful red door for a sweet yellow porch,
And speaking of yellow, well yellow is yellow is yellow is gold. This squash blossom truly was fine to behold.
I continued my walk and saw cone roofs galore, here five in a row like blue and brown hats
Even the Taj Mahal found its place on this street, with its own little riot of blue morning glory, all twisty and tangled, and climbing up skyward.

At each stop on my walk, I was happy to see, that calm was for cars, and the rest was let be.
This turned out to be good, because guarding the house was a ferocious black dog the size of a mouse. He was ever alert, and so kept the place safe. Not too much calm can spoil this place.

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