Thursday, July 19, 2012

Garden Views For Mum

I know that I have a habit of getting very close to flowers and bugs and other tiny things of great interest, but I am going to take a step back for those who want to get the big picture.
 First off, I have to say that I am thrilled with how established the Plumbago is in the front yard under the oak tree.  It is covered in intense blue flowers and is behaving just as I have always wanted it to. 
Secondly, I have finally started the arduous task of clearing the grass from the no man's land between our driveway and the next door neighbour's driveway.  First I planted a Desert Willow, and then a couple of weeks later, after the rains abated, I started to dig more grass out, and I have now also planted a Rock Rose that had seeded itself from the back, and a cactus.  Fingers crossed that they all survive, and that I continue to have the energy to dig, and that at some point it starts to look somewhat attractive.  Of course the good thing about a total wasteland, is that it is hard to make it look worse.
 Into the back yard, and a view to the left from the patio... my favourite view right now.  I am loving, loving, loving the bamboo, and bamboo muhli and rock/cactus area.
 Coming into the backyard from the side of the house gives you this view,
 And standing back under the Cedar Elm gives you this view... perhaps a good spot for a future guest cabin?
 Also this view.
 And finally, in the back right corner the garden looks like this.  All very green and lush right now after the rains.  And now...., just because I can't resist when I have a camera in my hands... you know, my hands just start shaking, and my fingers drift to the settings dial, and before I know it, I have turned it to macro, and then I just give in to the addiction... sorry, I can't help it.
 The Blue Sky plant has more flowers this year than ever before.  Very nice, although I do wish it would grow a little bigger.
 And the Texas Blue Bell is divine as usual.
 And the something-or-other has just taken off, so I am very pleased about that (by the patio)
 and I am still in love with the Russian Sage, although I am debating whether or not I should move it to the front.
 Loving this cactus, which I thought would always stay small, but I am getting the feeling it is going to get huge.
And a Ruellia bloom to end with because it looks soooo cool... don't you think?
So there you have it.  Something for everyone.

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