Friday, June 18, 2010

Crape Myrtle

This tree is NOT in my yard, just close by. But it amazes me every time I walk past. It's so perfectly symetrical, and look how the separate branches all come down to one solid trunk close to the bottom. It looks like a giant's wedding bouquet. I want to scoop the whole thing up in my hand and put it in a vase.


  1. The crape myrtles all over town have never looked so gorgeous. The branches all coming down into one trunk on this one are unusual for a crape -- someone must've been carefully pruning it over the years.

  2. I think the crape myrtles have looked good because of the abnormal amount of rain we had this winter. The whole spring has been the most glorious we have had here in Austin in years...It sort of reminds me about what Ann Lamott said about plants "tarting themselves out for spring..." I forget which book she said this in. It might "Grace Eventually: Thoughts on Grace" as I read that this year for Lent.