Monday, June 28, 2010


I love how the Lantana flower is made up of all these tiny individual blooms that start out as little pink pillows or origami envelopes, and then they each pop open to make a perky, little flower. I wish I had better success with this plant. I see it all over the place, and in all gardens except mine, it seems to grow gloriously huge and full of flowers but whenever I plant it, it always seems a bit pathetic and small. sigh. Can I make lemonade from this??? Why yes. It must be because I like to focus on the details of individual flowers, so the plant just knows to put out only one bloom at a time....

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  1. I think you have to be patient. You are so good about planting plants that are "wee things" and watching them grow, rather than (as some of us lazier gardeners do) buying larger more extravagant plants from the nursery.

    Lantana does like to grow here. I think I saw a poem somewhere that was comparing Texas women (and I think by extension Canadian women) to Lantana as they were strong in adversity, that they endure drought well. Their roots go down deep to get at residual wetness. And they are lovely as well as strong.

    Your Lantana will grow, just like the ones in my yard grew when I took an old overgrown purple lantana that was crowding out some salvia and split it up last year. The cuttings seemed pretty pathetic and droopy last season, but I have noticed they are doing much better this summer.

    Hang in there girl.