Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Birth of Zen

O.k. here it is, but remember it is just the beginning.... these things take time, especially as one person is digging up the grass and toting the pea gravel from the car.... So picture pretty flagstones leading in a curvy attractive way from the SEA-ment path in the left corner over to, and around the pebbly oasis, and between the bamboo and the ornamental grass..., and there will soon be some cacti of some sort or another in there, and hopefully some bigger rocks to add texture and shape.
Oh, I can see it all now, clear as a bell, in my mind's eye. If only someone would take some kind of syringe and suction it out of my brain and squirt it out into the yard. (Now there is a creepy image for you!)
p.s. the grass I planted is called 'bamboo muhli', and is supposed to be evergreen. We'll see.

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