Friday, November 19, 2010

Yikes! Does it Bite??

It looks a bit like one of those weird, scary underwater creatures that is going to swim up and bite you in the dark. But it is really the top of the plant I am most worried about as the temperatures begin to drop ominously in the evening.... my tall cactus at the bottom of the garden. I was told I should dig it up and bring it in in the winter, but that is not going to happen. So, I hope I can succesfully drape it so that it will live to scare another year.


  1. Ooo, I LOVE this one! BTW, heard a thing about covering plants the other day on the radio: don't tie the cover snug around the bottom of the plant because it's the grotightly und that's warming them, and you want to have a broad base to maximize the warmth.

  2. I heard that thing about the broad base for warmth too... now I just have to do it. I seem to be very good at forgetting the night before a frost.