Monday, February 21, 2011

Little blades of Green! Hurray!

I am so happy to see all the green reappearing. I feel like every part of my being is expanding and reviving right along with the plants in this soft warm weather. And yes, the grass is poking out some green blades after a vigorous raking. See? Look closely. Go on, enlarge the picture... there IS green there, I promise.

Also, you can see the froth of new greenery on the Lady Banks Rose, sparkling in the sun. Everything seems content.
And I was feeling so discouraged about the garden and I didn't really know why, because I know things go brown and dormant in the winter. But as part of my raking and rejuvinating of the grass, I moved the big, ugly, red, metal thing (see Dec. 30th post "Invasion of the Rebounder") off to an unobtrusive place round the side, and low and behold the garden was transformed! That darn thing had felt like a cage! WHAT was I thinking, that this would be a lovely Christmas present for our youngest. Note to self, "electronic xbox games are much easier on the garden, and do we really care if they get ouside and run around and breath the fresh air?? I think not!"

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