Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Signs of Life

The gentle rain is doing a great job coaxing out new baby growth. Right now I practically need a microscope to see some of them, but the real test is always: when can I see the new growth from the kitchen window.
Check it out!

Day lily

Red Rose bush

Lady Banks Rose bush

Chinese Witch Hazel/Razzleberri/Fringe flower

Rock Rose...

Peach fuzz on the peach buds

fig with green tips and bark that looks like rhino armor.


  1. I too am enjoying all the signs of new life, esp. after the freezes this year. So amazing to see things coming back that you thought were long gone.

  2. It is amazing, isn't it? Hard to imagine that stuff could make it through the bitter cold, and yet here it all is. Nature is very cool. (Except for my bulbine, which I decided was NOT going to return from its slimed state, so I did give those the old heave-ho. May they rest in peace)

  3. Impressive buds! In the Great White North we have nothing of the sort but I'm managing to enjoy my backyard in its pre-spring state anyway since that's when the sap flows. If we can't have peaches and figs at least we can have syrup!

  4. Mmmmmmm, syrup..... (as Homer would say). You have us there. No syrup down here, except for some expensive stuff we buy in the grocery store. And the pre-spring state is good too, because there is such anticipation for those first early signs... bring on the crocuses and daffodils!