Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Your Very Own Easter Egg Hunt!

I know you are going to be jealous if you weren't able to score some of these great "Hard-To-Find" Easter eggs from H.E.B. But really. How cool are these!!! Disguised as rocks and grass and bark and dirt. Awesome. So if indeed you did not spot these hard to find eggs at H.E.B., you can still enjoy the pleasure of a little pictorial egg hunt right now.

See how well they blend in to the grass? Bet ya can't find the egg...

Can you see the next one??? Pretty tough huh?

I know, I know, you practically have to be a mind-reader to figure out where I'm putting them.

What a brain teaser of an exercise. You are probably completely stumped as to where the last one is, but don't give up, o.k.

And the even better thing about these eggs, was that they also came pre-stuffed with candy. God, I love H.E.B.

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