Friday, September 9, 2011

Seed Pods from Abroad

On our first day in Athens, we climbed Likavitos. A tall hill behind our house in the center of Athens. From the top, there are spectacular views, but I enjoyed capturing the micro images more than the macro:
These little dried seeds are smaller than a dime in circumference, and were so enchantingly sweet. They reminded me of old coins one might dig out of an ancient archaeological site.
Then there were the Catherine Wheel seeds, which made me think of fireworks.
And finally my favourite, these tiny almost glass-like pods, which I had to bring home and photograph a multitude of times, but the little discs are so small, it was almost impossible to really get a good picture.
Each one of these is only about the size of a small lentil


  1. What a wonderful experience. I'm sure you aren't missing summer in Austin. You know a gardener when they spot dried seed heads on the side of the hill. They remind me of honesty.

  2. The top photo looks almost like tiny handbags. Love the delicate silvery pods in the last two.

  3. I'm loving the seeds we are experiencing this fall...finally something besides wilting, fried foliage! I just photographed my coneflower seed heads this afternoon. Gonna try to work them into my GBBD post...not really a bloom, but they were, right!?