Sunday, June 24, 2012

Early Morning Garden

The cats in my life are making sure I don't miss the beauty of the garden in the early morning.  Thanks cats.
 Although my thanks are mildly sarcastic, it is a treat to be out there on a quiet Sunday morning.
As I sit in the serene, sleepy stillness, the cacti containers catch the first rays of sunlight.
 And the view across to the bamboo muhli is wonderful.
 I am so in love with this plant.  What could be better than sitting with froth on your coffee, and pale green froth before your eyes?
 Taking a little walk around, I saw that the Bulbine was visiting with the Artemisia,
 The lavender has a beautiful spear of tiny blue flowers,
and the Gaura is tall, and willowy, and covered in delicate pink. 
So sweet.
Thanks cats.  I'll forgive you this time.

1 comment:

  1. I miss the Athens posts as well, but it's so good to have the gardening blog back with all the great plant shots.

    And power to both your cantankerous cats for getting you up early and catching that wonderful morning light!