Thursday, June 28, 2012

Goodbye Butterfly Weed, Hello REALLY FAT Caterpillars

In my morning wanderings today, I discovered that Queen Caterpillars have decided to decimate the Butterfly Weed.
I don't have a very big plant, and pretty soon I imagine I will have even less, because enjoying it immensely are NOT one,

 NOT two,

but THREE, Queen caterpillars. A whole happy little family.  So much for the plant I guess.  I wonder if I'll get to see them turn into butterflies.  
Here is another view of the first one.  The three sets of red and black feelers are amazing, don't you think?
 Oh, and just by the by, am I the only one deafened by Cicadas this summer.  I thought they were loud in Greece, but man... there are a ton this summer right here.  I have been noticing many, many, many of their creepy, prehistoric, discarded shells too...

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  1. I finally just gave in last year and let them eat mine. All those long-ago readings of "Very Hungry Caterpillar" must've caused me to over-empathize.