Friday, September 3, 2010

More about the Fireweed (or Firebush)

The Mexican Firebush is starting to get some FIRE, hurray. The formal name is 'Hamelia', and we found this one at a nursery out near Fredericksburg, but I have also seen it here, at the Natural Gardener, at The Great Outdoors and even Home Depot. It can get quite a bit bigger I understand and it gets dark purpley berries, and the leaves also get a firey-red colour in the late fall. The "fire" flowers can be this orangy-yellow colour but also more red. It really is great.

One thing to note. Mine seemed dead in the spring, and I was mourning the loss and getting ready to by a new one. Then I read that it does come back, but it takes a while, and most people are too impatient and give it up for lost. SO, I decided I was not going to be one of THOSE people, and I exercised every ounce of patience I could muster, (only poking at the ground occasionally), and low and behold it really did come back. I hope you will come to love it too.


  1. Need to try this one. Didn't know it got purple berries!

  2. The berries are so dark they are almost black. Find a sunny place for it, and give it a try.