Saturday, September 18, 2010

More Welcome than Weeds

On a different note from the previous entry, we say a BIG HURRAY for a new season of incredible blooms, and equally delightful seed pods on the Alamo Vine. A round of seeds, on the house, for all who need them!
So, I have decided that I have two series of photographs, of which we have an example of each right here. There is "Beauty in Bloom", and "Beauty after the Bloom." It is hard for me to decide which series I prefer as both are lovely, but I think I lean towards the "Beauty after the Bloom" series. Hmmm. Why, yes there is IS beauty after the bloom isn't there. Could this be a reflection of my own state of being?


  1. I think a third category on buds entitle "baby bloomers."

  2. Yer too funny Em. I'll see if I can find some appropriate photos for that category...