Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weed Wars

I am sure that the whole world has been waiting with bated breath to see if I was going to make good my threat of Saturday morning to launch an attack on the dastardly weeds that have encroached on my crushed granite paths and flower beds. (Well, possibly not the whole world, but maybe my loyal followers? she says hopefully) Of course I followed through! Sunday afternoon I doned my invincible armour of OFF, and laughed in the face of that pesky weed protection service. Those mosquitoes could do nothing but fly around me in futile fury, as I went to work on reclaiming my garden. Cheered on by plants that had been in danger of being overcome by wild green radicals, I battled on. Not even deterred by the heavy rain, I once again put paid to the weed invasion and brought order and serenity back to the land. It took several hours but I am nothing if not stubborn! And no, I didn't get all the roots of all the weeds, and yes, they will come back. Because you see, for whatever reason, the weeds just don't ever seem to realize who is the boss. But that would be me. And I am here to say that I may not be the best gardener, but I am pretty sure I am one of the fiercest guardians of any garden. So there. (And besides it was SO fun and satisfying getting that muddy) I love you garden.

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