Sunday, March 6, 2011


I found some fennel at the Barton Springs Nursery, which by the way, I like a lot (the nursery that is), because as well as having interesting things on sale pretty regularly, they also sell lots of small, (and therefore less expensive), pots of things, so you can buy more than one without feeling terribly guilty.
I am VERY excited about the fennel because we have been wanting to grow the bulbs, (and I hope to God they are the bulbs and not the seed/herbs) because in case you haven't noticed, they are BLOODY EXPENSIVE if you want to buy them in the store.
Anyway, we'll see how they do. I got SIX. Which is pretty radical, but as I have only ever seen the seed variety, I thought I better go for it. I hope they are right about them being the vegetable.
We also planted some green pepper and tomatoes.

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