Sunday, March 27, 2011

Raging at the Rebounder

Why, oh why, oh why? What was I thinking?! There I sat, on a peaceful, sunny, late afternoon, on my back patio, talking to a friend on the phone. Can you picture it? The light is most beautiful at that time of day. Suddenly, the quiet and serenity cast by the lengthening shadows evaporates, when out of the house bounds The Child With Unlimited Energy. He begins a world cup battle for which a crushing defeat of the opponent is the only acceptable result. The semi-deflated soccer ball is kicked relentlessly against the rebounder, and imaginary saves are enacted with incredible drama. Wait a minute! It looks like the Good Guys are about to make what could be the winning goal. Yes! The ball soars OVER the rebounder and CRASHES into the Lady Banks Rose, sending up a shower of yellow blossoms. The petals fill the air like confetti thrown in jubliation. Nooooooooo! Not the Lady Banks!! I leap from my seat on the patio, and yell in my most high-pitched, terroristic voice, "I keell you. I KEELL you!!! You monster!" (I may have damaged the ear drums of the poor person I was speaking to.) The game was over, I made sure of THAT. But he didn't care, because he'd won. Damn that rebounder. My horrible son says I brought this on myself. Well. I think it'll be books for Christmas from now on.


  1. Well, as I have an ugly rebounder in my back yard too, I think an understanding friend would excuse a broken eardrum at the face of so much devastation. Hang in there baby.

  2. That is great! In my case, it's energetic pets. Yikes, always something. And so cool to meet a Canadian. Austin's gardening must seem very odd to you.

  3. It was nice to meet you on Sat.Cathy. I had no idea you were from Canada. Yes, this must be quite a change for you but you will get used to it in time. Remember I was from England!

  4. The ear that was blasted by my outraged yell, was indeed very sympathetic.
    And yes, Linda, gardening can be quite a puzzle at times. But I am addicted to the possibility that something I plant might actually live from one year to the next. My mother and sister are expert gardeners in Canada and the blog began with the intent to keep them up on the progress I made (or not). Then the photography and writing became fun, and I was hooked. It is interesting that we have all had gardening experience in such different climates: England, Canada, Other parts of the states.

    Anyway, just as an aside, my husband said that maybe nature was exacting her own revenge when Joseph was stung by a bee on his toe a few days later.... The garden gods are at work.

  5. Lady Banks is probably plotting her own revenge - she may have no thorns, but she can engulf anything in her path!

    It was a pleasure to meet you, Cathy!

    Annie/Kathy at the Transplantable Rose