Thursday, March 3, 2011

Heaven on Earth?

While in Houston this past weekend I went to the Japanese Garden in Hermann Park... and yes, I wondered if I had arrived in Heaven. So go ahead, enlarge the pictures, thrust yourself through the screen and wallow in these blossoms the way I did (figuratively speaking, o.k., I didn't make a spectacle of myself, and neither should you.)

There were so many different plants and shrubs and trees in bloom, it was well worth dying for and visiting the promised land. But it was a brief stay, and then I came thudding back down to earth, and returned to my more humdrum, and far less ethereal existence...

When I arrived back home, I went out to check on my much more slowly burgeoning garden, only to find these exquisite specimens turning their faces to the sun. So eat your heart out Japanese Garden! I have my own tiny glimpse of heaven right here in my
back yard.
Really now, have you EVER seen anything as beautiful as these peach blossoms?

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