Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Alamo Vine is looking lush!

I always get excited when something I have planted gets multiple blooms. The little successes offset the discouragement of NO blooms on the pomegranate for example.
Check this out! How many blossoms can you count? Quite a few, eh?
Let's get a little closer because they are sooooo pretty to look at.
Here is a veritable cluster of blooms. And they are so dainty, like crepe paper.
Once you look right into the middle, the stamens are really eye-catching. They coil so tightly, as they emerge from the lovely wine-coloured center.
O.k., lastly, let's get in behind the the bloom and see what it looks like from back there: utterly luminous against the blue sky.
A special thanks to Amy for introducing me to this vine!!


  1. That's gorgeous. Thanks for giving me a few seeds! I'm not sure when to plant them -- perhaps in the fall?

  2. I've never heard of Alamo Vine! I think I need one now. How's the new blog coming along?

  3. I am not sure what to suggest about when to plant them Caroline. When my friend and I germinated the seeds, we soaked them for a while and then clipped the top off and then soaked them again until they sprouted. They should be perennial, but one season mine didn't come back and I had to start again with seeds. This year they did. I wonder if starting them in pots would be an idea. (And then putting them in the ground after any fear of a freeze) They have a big one at the wildflower center. I wonder if they would have suggestions.

  4. I will have more seeds soon Robin. And I am still not sure about the new site. It is too easy to stick with the old and familiar. I'll have to do some playing around with the new site for awhile I think.