Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why, Why, Why, Why, Why!?

My garden is filled with 'Why' these days (hence the reason for the title of the blog.) I decided to share just a few with you today, because maybe there will be an answer to one, and if not, at least it will feel good to vent a little. SO. WHY #1:
Why is it that my pomegranate, which I love dearly and admire daily, which has probably doubled in size since it was planted two years ago, and which is CLEARLY quite happy... WHY is it that it will not bloom for me??? I have mentioned in the previous post, that I love orange blossoms, and I have so been looking forward to the luscious blooms that I KNOW grow on this bush, and which I have been admiring all over town except for in my back yard. sigh. The leaves are glossy and green, and orange blossoms would look so beautiful nestled amongst the leaves. I guess I have to be patient. Patience. Sheesh. Why is it always patience that is the answer??

O.K. WHY did God create this weed? Come on. Tell me why. If someone wants to convince me that some beneficial nematode under the soil would be wiped out if it didn't have the roots of this plant to feed on, then o.k. maybe. But I fear it is one of those biblical 'trials' that we are supposed to be faced with, and me and every other gardener that I know, for whom this lovely plant is the BANE of our existence, has to 'patiently' (i.e. keeping the swear words to a minimum and away from the hearing of small children), keep pulling them out EVERY day, KNOWING that they WILL BE BACK THE NEXT. Yep, I guess it is kind of like that poor guy who had to carry water up hill in a sieve for eternity.

And why doesn't my Pride of Barbadoes grow and bloom? It blooms everywhere else. Why not in my yard? I feel like a blossom failure sometimes.

This is rather a sad why. Our little fig tree has been doing sooo well. It had big lovely green leaves and got covered in figs. There were so many figs that I wrote that post about putting netting over it because I was sure we were going to get a great crop this year. Then it just started looking sad. And then sadder. Check it out:
And so I took the netting off, in case it just didn't like the feel of it. But it still looks sad, and now there are fig carcasses littering the ground beneath it, and I just want to weep. WHY?????
WHY? Sometimes when I go outside I feel very small. And it is clear that I know nothing about gardening.


  1. Count me in as another garden fail on pride of Barbados -- not a single blossom, ever!

  2. What annoys me though, is that I have had a successful Pride of Barbados at the old house. So why not here?

  3. Why is my lantana (pink, purple, gold) not blooming when I see it blooming all over town? Why have my rock rose and four-nerve daisies stopped blooming? Why is my okra dying (I thought it LIKED heat)? Why why why indeed? Hmfph!

  4. Caroline, I am SO with you. (especially about Lantana) Oh, and my rock rose had been blooming like crazy, but it seems to have stopped too. What, I ask you!!

  5. Why isn't my salvia blooming? And why do my Iris look like they are dying? I'm blaming everything on living in a convection oven called Austin, TX in the 21st century.

  6. Maybe it really is the convection oven effect. I am certainly feeling fairly cooked these days, and I get to go inside.

  7. Why are my supposedly drought-tolerant Med. fan palms croaking a slow death? Why did my passionflower vine die a quick death? I've got a lot of whys too, Cathy. But I suspect the weather and drought are the answer to many of them.