Monday, June 27, 2011

Random Things that make me Smile

I took a walk around the garden, and there are many lovely things to be seen if you are willing to linger: Spiraling patterns in the cactus:
How is it that something can be both pink and fuzzy, and all over with prickles at the same time?
Up close to this cactus (see below), I am mesmerized by the vertical columns of pink ovals, each the center of radiating and overlapping spines. Beauty that can bite.You are lucky I am only putting two of these photos up, because I took a bunch! Did I mention being mesmerized???
You have to smile when you see new growth on a plant. Below the 'Night Blooming Whatchamacallit' which started with only one little stem, has put out multiple new stems! Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed that someday there will be a night bloom, (and that we won't miss it). O.k., fine. I'll look up the proper name for you.
This is just a Ruellia bud waiting to open. But I really like this picture! I think it is cool, especially with the Costco yard bag in the back ground. There is nothing like capturing the yard bags in your pictures for creating great art!
I also love the echinacea blooms rising up over the greenery, against the backdrop of grey fence boards.
More new growth here. Yeah! I can almost see the yellow blooms now.
Exotic Love Vine: (wins the prize for best plant name)
Thank you to Merideth for the seeds of the "Exotic Love Vine." Because not only did they sprout, but they have reached four squares up the new metal fence. Oo, yeah, baby! Can't wait to see this one take off! And it really IS called Exotic Love Vine!! Yes. It really is. You can google it. You should in fact. Do it, so that you can see the blooms that I am hoping to see in the future.
And finally, a serene late day view to show the peace that reigns in the garden at the end of a long hot day. And a word about heat. I think that the garden can handle hot weather up to about 100 F just fine. It is the 108 F that makes it lie down and look sad and defeated. Since the rain, (and yes, a little rain perks everything up), but SINCE the rain, we have had a reprieve from the blistering heat, and everything looks like it can manage now. At least for the time being.


  1. Love the patterns on the cactus. And the ruellia .. it almost looks like the face of some kind of lizard. "Exotic Love Vine" -- so is it the vine that's exotic, or the love? Green yard: yes, it's been so nice to have a week's reprieve from dragging the hose around.

  2. I think it must be both the love and the vine.