Monday, October 18, 2010

Bug update

Just so ya know, my Butterfly Weed has been swarmed by 'yellow oleander aphids.' Ugly, very ugly!
I particularly hate the little black legs. Oh well at least we know. And it wasn't 'yellow brain fungus with legs' but might just as well be.


  1. Our condolences to you and yours. We thought it was truly disgusting. Too ugly for pictures?

  2. You may have already found this info -- looks like they may not be especially harmful, esp. if the natural predators appear. Some blogs also suggest just blasting the crap out of them with the hose, a method which you will no doubt find more satisfactory.

  3. Hurray for natural predators, and I quote "often oleander aphids become infected with a parasitic wasp. Infected aphids swell, turn brown and die. The wasp cuts a hole in the back of the aphid's abdomen to escape" Oo yeah! Sounds like Alien, eh!!?? Can't wait for their demise.