Monday, October 25, 2010

Favourite Weed identified.... (see post from Sept. 24)

See what pretty stages it has been going through... Well guess what?.........

It is called Pokeweed and it is a highly toxic plant: "If taken internally, pokeweed is a slow acting but violent emetic. Vomiting usually starts about two hours after the plant or parts of it have been eaten. Severe cases of poisoning result in purging, spasms, and sometimes convulsions. If death occcurs, it is usually due to paralysis of the respiratory organs. Because of the danger of human poisoning, pokeweed should be eradicated when discovered. If only a few plants occur in an area, pull them up and destroy by burning.....!"
Well, there you go. It was my favourite weed in the garden, and now I will have to pull it up and burn it!! Maybe I'll do it on Hallowe'en Eve. Or MAYBE, I'll get out my cauldron and boil it, and offer it out as a special treat for its medicinal qualities, for which it is also known.... hee, hee, hee.

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