Sunday, October 17, 2010

New baby!

I am excited to say that we are hatching a new eggplant baby!

However I have to say I am feeling a little small and insignificant, having now seen a whole GROVE of eggplant with a MULTITUDE of very large eggplants hanging from the stalks, and most of the plants were as tall as me. Sigh.

O.k. none of those eggplants were as cute as mine, and it WAS a little excessive wasn't it? I mean who needs that much eggplant anyway? Of course he may be feeding it to the needy in which case, I've just become a little smaller still, but in case he isn't sharing at all.... well humph. When I am an internationally renowned landscape architect I'll have a grove of eggplant too, and I'll let anyone who wants one come in my garden and pick it whenever they want!!!


  1. I plan on taking you op on it!

  2. And YOU don't even have to wait till I am an internationaly renowned landscape architect... You can have one of the up and coming baby crop...