Saturday, October 9, 2010

Every once in a while I need to pat myself on the back a bit... Here we see May 2009, six months into life in the new house, and then September 2010. The funny thing is, I think I was pretty pleased with how much I'd done by April 2009, so it just goes to show you.... Sometimes it feels as though the garden is improving soooo slowly, but it IS improving. (Compare the one little tendril of vine creeping up the fence at the bottom of the yard in 2009 with the profusion of Dolichos and Alamo vines now.) Once again exercising patience is the moral here.

When I look out and I see the same garden that I saw the day before, I wonder why the flagstone paths haven't emerged, or the vine-covered arbor, or the stone 'water feature'. Obviously I just need to stop and enjoy it all for a moment. (And then go for my shovel and get back to work.)

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