Sunday, October 17, 2010

So much for the Dill..

Well at least something is getting to enjoy the dill plant. And I am not going to try to hatch these, so we probably won't get to enjoy much of it.


  1. Hey -- we had these on our butterfly weed too! I was mad at it so I let the caterpillars have at, especially after the girls said they thought those were monarch caterpillars.

  2. O.K. so I am confused, did you mean you moved the caterpillars to the Butterfly weed and they ate the creepy yellow bugs... What are you saying??!!
    Also, caterpillar update: turns out Glenn moved the caterpillars to a jar so maybe we will be hatching these after all. I'll let you know. And, the Hungry Caterplillar story is SOO true, they are complete pigs when it comes to dill.