Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tremella Mesenterica

Oh brother! I am almost sorry I asked, but I found out what my cool fungus is (see post from September 22nd): The latin name is TREMELLA MESENTERICA.... Aren't you glad I looked this up for you?? One common name it has seems to be 'yellow brain fungus', which is disgusting. Another is 'witches butter' which is a little better. But I think I am just going to stick with the names I gave them.


  1. I too prefer your personalized names for these delicate, ornamental, brightly perky yellow fungii. I saw that some joker thought it should be called "yellow dog vomit" Huh? Anyway, back to your garden....Will Felicity and Frederick prosper or stay small, hmmm? Please keep us posted as to their developments in your garden. I SO enjoy the photos and the words that accompany them.

  2. The Felicity and Frederick have subsided back into the stump which formed them. But now at least I know they will return the next time we get a big rain.
    And yellow dog vomit??? eeeww! Some people have no sense of beauty or imagination I think.