Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vines on fences: not everyone's cup of tea, I find.

Well, I am feeling a little sad because I have discovered that the neighbour behind me does not share my desire to completely cover the fence with vines of any and all varieties. I stood outside and watched as he went around flipping any part of my vines that had the audacity to encroach on his side back onto my side, and any part that wouldn't be flipped he cut off! And here I thought he was probably thinking how great it was that he could benefit from the greenery I had started, and the flowers I had painstakingly produced from seeds. I am sure that now he has a pristine privacy fence but it is discouraging to realize that not all the world shares ones vision. Why WOULDN'T he want to see those delicate lacy Alamo vine leaves, and sweet white flowers. Good Lord, what is wrong with him? He did the same to the Dolichos too. sigh.

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