Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Owl

Quick update.... The owl wasn't stuck, because later in the evening we checked and he had gone. We were glad he wasn't stuck but sad that we probably wouldn't see him again. BUT.... this afternoon we looked, and low and behold he was back. Just as before. Head out, kind of squinty-eyed. Keeping an eye on things. I let Lily out who, in her oblivious way, strolled over and scratched on the trunk of the 'owl' tree. I watched and the owl watched her every move, craning his neck and looking straight down at Lily and following her as she sauntered around the yard. I watched closely thinking, "o.k. if the owl climbs right out of the box I'll rush over and scoop Lily up and bring her in to safety." The owl just watched.
We think we will call the owl Archimedes (after Merlin's owl)(Max's choice). If at some point the owl becomes a girl.... maybe Athena... who knows.


  1. Predatory birds, poisonous berries ... do I detect a trend here?

  2. hmmmm, well yes, it does rather fit with my occasionally misanthropic view of the world doesn't it...