Saturday, October 9, 2010

Planting Experiment

We decided to try a different sort of planter: this is our 'ah-ha' use for air-conditioning ducts, easily purchased at Home Depot for 7 or 8 dollars depending on the size you get.... I will keep you posted on the success of this experiment as the plants live, grow, thrive, or conversely, pine away and die (but we hope not). My concern at the outset, is that the metal, which conducts heat and cold, will cook the roots of the plants in the summer, and chilled them right down in the winter. But maybe the plants will prove hardy enough for their container. (Too bad I'm not in grade five because then I could be doing this for my science fair project).
I hope it works because I think they look very cool, and deserve to end up in Real Simple in that section on other uses for things...

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