Monday, May 23, 2011

Garden Envy

Once again I am suffering from garden envy. It does seem to be kind of a perpetual state with me. Don't get me wrong. I DO love my garden, but there are just things I see that I want, want, want from other peoples gardens.
On Saturday, I went to a garden bloggers' get-together at Michele Landry-Holts' place, and the green-eyed monster immediately appeared. Everything about her garden is fun and interesting. The entry pavers were inviting and led up to her charming bungalow. And when you got round to the back the garden fun was everywhere!
Of course, what I wanted immediately was the outdoor shower. Oh my, oh my, do I ever want an outdoor shower. But in this garden, it isn't just an outdoor shower, it is an outdoor spa!!!! The base for their spa is created by some divine overlapping circles made from stained concrete, which they did themselves.

Check out the shower. Too bad there were so many people there, cause I was ready to test it out!

and this spa doesn't just have a shower it has a claw foot bathtub, which just needs its taps to be ready to go.

Here is a view of the bamboo privacy screen, and an example of what I should be doing with my old stumps that have just been lying around the side of the house: elegant and natural succulent stands.

Along with two dogs, and three or four chickens, was the most gregarious and attention-seeking cat I have seen in a while. I guess the garden is so much fun it is infectious to people and animals alike. This cat made Lily seem like an elusive and curmudgeonly recluse. Oh wait. She IS an elusive and curmudgeonly recluse.

Once the guests had finished admiring the warthog statue, and had moved on to the spa area, the cat had to find a new place to attract attention from, and so took up residence inside the old bird cage.

And this birdcage... it is going to be hung from the tree above the spa and filled with lights to create a chandalier effect for the spa in the evening. sigh.

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  1. Okay, okay...I too want the overlaping circle patio...that is sooo groovy. Basically I would like to take a large eraser, erase my whole back yard and start over from scratch....there is nothing about it I can find to work around....what would M do if I ordered a circular, stained deck? Hmmmm.....

  2. HEY! Thanks for the love!!! You can come shower any old time, missy. Believe me, if we can do this all ourselves, you can too! We learned as we went. Thanks for coming over, rover.

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