Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Inside Austin Garden Tour, Garden #4

The final stop on our garden tour preview was the home of Master Gardener, Sheryl Williams.
Her home was such a surprise and a delight to find, because the subdivision was quite suburban and dull, but then... there was Sheryl's house. She decided to get rid of all her grass, and instead has planted Texas Sedge, which grows in interesting tufts and looks very frothy and nice. You can see it below in her front yard which is all sedge and tree mulch paths.

Now HERE is what I call a rain water system!!!!! WEE-OOOO-EE!!! (Oh, and that is her 'small' rain collection container!)

When you get into her backyard it is like entering a tiny farmyard. There is an inviting wooden arch, and a stone path,

and the rest of the garden is all edible stuff: she has built many raised beds one for each type of vegetable that she grows.

lots of green beans in that box in the foreground, and they were VERY tasty.

Her garden looks a little messy and wild, but was sooo functional, and there was so much growing, it was truly delightful.

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  1. Margaret would probably like this one the most. Apparently I am the worst mom ever because we don't have edible plants in the garden...and that is one SERIOUS water collection system....makes me look sort of namby pamby....