Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Inside Austin Garden's Tour 2011

I was fortunate enough to get a sneak preview of the Master Gardener's 2011 Garden Tour yesterday, and enjoyed wandering through four of the six properties featured this year.

What I took away were wonderful ways to feature whimsy, colour, and structure in your garden, as well as, (of course) very cool close-ups of intriguing plant shapes I hadn't seen before.

The first stop on the tour was Rebecca Matthew's Garden.

This picture is of a 'staghorn fern' which apparently grows in next to nothing in the way of soil,
and as it gets older the central core gets larger and larger, out of which the 'stag antlers' grow. It was very tropical and kind of prehistoric looking. I want one!

Then there was the penguin head buds which turned into rather lovely, yellow, irisy-type blooms.... but of course the penguin head was more entertaining for me.
Rebecca's garden definitely wins the whimsical award. From a wall of inspirational plates,

to a chandelier adorning the outdoor seating area,

from the watering-can fountain (how cool is that!)to a smattering of yarn bombing just for good measure...

Through it all, enticing pathways lead you on to each new surprise.

There was definitely lots of garden fun to be seen here.

The tour is today from 9:30 to 5 I believe. I have pictures of the other three gardens we visited, and hope to post them soon, but first blogger was out of commission, and now my slowly dying computer won't let me get to my photos. AAARRRGGGHH!!

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  1. Personally I love the wall of plates and the outside chandelier. The yarn bomb was cool too (but only reveals my predispositions and biases.) Can't wait to see the other photos...yes get to PC Guru as fast as your little red mini van can get you there.