Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sometimes you have to look back to see that you've gone forward

I like to look back in time sometimes, because the garden grows sooo slowly, and I need to do a reality check and say, "Hey, it IS changing, wadda ya know."
The following progression only shows the changes to the back right corner. The first picture is moving day, (or shortly thereafter)
Picture number two shows the form of the garden after the beautiful 'rubber mulch' had all been raked off, bagged up, and carted away to the dump. (In this spot had been a VERY attractive pink and purple, plastic, tiny child playscape, which luckily the guy who came to turn on the gas took away for his kids)

I decided to retain the outer edge of the rectangle, (because it was easier that way), and make some inner shapes that were a bit formal gardenish… Then we made the main triangle the herb garden.

And so it developed...
(And how, you might ask, did I manage to take this last picture....? That's another story.)

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