Monday, May 2, 2011

Sorry, We aren't done with Easter yet.

The Easter Lilies are starting to bloom. They missed the actual day (they always do), but at least it is still the Easter season. And yes, those are rain drops in the first photo.
1)"All Glory, Laud and Honour, to Thee Rain Clouds on High..."
2)"Rain on, Rain on in Majesty
Rain on, or all our plants will die..."
3)"It is raining, It is raining, Let the whole wide earth rejoice,
See the darksome cloud that's brimming,
full of glorious morning rain...."
(Three of my favourite Easter hymns to accompany the pictures)

Up close and personal with Easter:


  1. Not to be picky or anything but isn't it reign on not rain on...or were you doing a funny?

  2. Well, actually it is 'Ride on, Ride on....'
    and of course I was doing a funny,
    (notice I changed to thee 'redeemer king' as well, and 'he is risen' in the third one...