Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Inside Austin Garden Tour, Garden #3

What I enjoyed about garden number three were colours and shapes. But first check out what this Master Gardener calls her 'hell strip.' Now that is a brilliant and apt name for MY 'hell strip,' but really, hers is better named an eden strip. Look how lush and plant filled and varied this is. Definitely inspiring to someone who would love to make a little bit of a road-side difference.
Then when you get up to her mail box, there is this wonderful, rambly plant, that has HUGE blooms,

But almost more fun than the open blossom are the furled blooms. Look how utterly exquisite these are. Do I want one? Hell, yes!!

Sue Nazer was the queen of beautiful pots it seems to me. In the trees she had a number of pots which were all the same shade of blue, but all different shapes. Very eye-catching.

Then once you get pool-side, there were more wonderful pots which all somehow blended with the aqua of the water.

Near the pool was a little retreat area, with orcourse, more pots. But what was interesting here was the fact that she had cut down and decked over a Vitex, but it had a stronger will to live and thrive than she had given it credit for. In the following photo you can see that it has pushed through the slats of the deck, and reclaimed the space. Moral: Don't underestimate the force of nature!

Lastly, she had some charming stone creatures to grace the side of her pool, in a small bed right by the water's edge.


  1. Great pictures! I attended the tour as well and wrote about it here.

  2. The picture of the furled blossom was just stunning -- wow!

  3. The blossom is a datura, and it's a wonderfully tough, beautiful plant for our area. Very poisonous though, so don't nibble any! It's pretty easy to grow from seed too. You should ask on our FB page if any bloggers have seeds to share at the next plant swap.

  4. Thank you so much for the info Pam, and I will see about getting some seeds. Thanks also for identifying the shrubs at Wendy's place. (And I might just ask Link what he would charge to chainsaw my sidewalk. But that is a project that'll have to wait awhile!
    Thanks too to Devon. I checked out your site and it looks pretty cool!

  5. Wow! A datura..I was thinking it looked sort of like a squash blossom...that shot of the unfurling blossom is awesome. (rhyme intended.) There...I liked a plant (but I also liked those groovy blue planters that tied the plant scape in with the water.)