Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Inside Austin Garden Tour Garden #2

The second garden that we went to was the garden of Wendy Brennan, who is not a Master Gardener herself, but is lucky enough to have Master Gardener Link Davidson for a next door neighbour. Together they designed her front yard which has many features that made me green with envy. First of all, like me, she has a big red metal thing in her yard, but that is where the similarity ends, because hers is both architecturally imposing, and an inviting welcome to to her house.

She has two beautiful flowering shrubs that apparently require next to no water. Look at the delicate crinkly blossom on this desert something-or-other...

This was the other shrub. Lovely purple spears of blooms:

And look at what they did with her cement path that had led up to her house. I wish I had a guy with a cement saw who would cut up my cement path and re-set it in a bed of pea gravel, so that it looked cool and zen-like. He also up-ended some pieces to create a delineated seating area, and one was used to mount the numbers of her house (see first photo)

And.... I want a some ginormous rocks to be brought in and artfully placed in my yard too.

And while we're at it, let's get some granite cubes to be tossed with artistic abandon down by the road. Let's face it, I want it ALL! Very cool. Very nice.


  1. The pink blossom is a desert willow flower, and the second is that of a vitex tree. Hey, you should ask Link what his rate is to come over with a concrete saw and chew up your sidewalk for you!

  2. I like her cement rectangle path and the house number. There must be something wrong with me in that is never the plants that I am attracted to in these garden tours.....