Monday, May 23, 2011

Horn Tooting Time

Well, folks, here it is. After much sweat and bashed thumbs, and swearing, I finished the fence. Are you wildly impressed? I am just impressed that I managed to finish it, and live to tell the tale. Yahoo!! Yahoo!!
Now you just have to picture beautiful flowering vines growing up all over it, so that eventually you won't have to see much of the A/C unit.

And on the other side. Yup, that is done too. Check out the awesome gate. And the fatal flaw has been reduced to a minor glitch (i.e. it only rubs on the stupid path a tiny bit). Now if only SOMEONE would finish the privacy fence on this side, and get rid of that unsightly pile of old broken slats....


  1. Congratulations!! Looks terrific.

  2. Whoo Hoo!! Accomplishment beats everything else hands down. Very nicely done.